“Illuminae” by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

★★★★☆ New release Tuesday! Purchase Illuminae here!

IlluminaeWhen their home planet is attacked, the people of Kerenza must escape on two United Terran Authority ships. Kady and Ezra, very recently separated (like, that morning), are two teenagers among those forced to flee.

Set in the future, Illuminae is a sci fi young adult book that takes place in space. This story is uniquely told through chat histories, computer logs, online articles, ship diagrams, and letters between high-ranking officials.

Between escaping the original attack, surviving an AI gone awol, evading an enemy ship on their tail, and trying not to contract the deadly contagion that turns people angry and homicidal, it’s really a challenge to stay alive. Kady finds her calling hacking into the ship’s computer systems to find out what the officials are hiding from the civilians. Ezra gets conscripted into the UTA to fly in battles. And among all of the madness, Kady and Ezra are trying to work out their relationship problems.

The battle to stay alive is never-ending. With heart-pounding action scenes, it’s a mystery to whether or not Ezra and Kady will survive each obstacle — and if they do, will they get back together?

There will also be two follow-up books in the series, titles and release dates to be announced at a later date.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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