“Beware that Girl” by Teresa Toten

★★★★☆ Releases tomorrow! I could not put this one down. 


Beware that Girl follows two girls’ perspectives, Kate and Olivia. They are two girls from different sides of life: Kate has a secret past and has moved from boarding school to boarding school, always trying to get the prize: a full-ride to Yale. Olivia was born with a silver iPhone in her mouth. She lives in a Penthouse apartment with her father who is always traveling, but Olivia has her own secrets to hide.

Their friendship is equally unlikely and inevitable, built to achieve both girls’ goals. But then, Mr. Redkin shows up at their private school. He’s handsome, charming, but also manipulative. And he has eyes for both Kate and Olivia.

Beware that Girl is equal parts Pretty Little Liars (with less cliff-hangers) and the thrilling twists of Gone Girl (but not as craftily written). Definitely pick this one up ASAP — you won’t regret it.

Purchase the book here.

I received this book from the publisher at BEA in exchange for my honest opinion.

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