“Undead Girl Gang” by Lily Anderson


New release Tuesday! And cover swoons!

Picture Veronica Mars meets Pushing Daisies. YES. GO READ UNDEAD GIRL GANG. (Oh, you want more of a review? Fine.)

Mila’s best friend was found dead the day after two of the most popular girls in school are found hanging in a nearby park. It was said to be a pact between the two. But Mila knows Riley wouldn’t kill herself.

Fortunately, Riley and Mila used to spend their free time dabbling in witchcraft, mostly blessings for good luck on tests, or activating crystals, like the one Riley wears every day. The police refuse to investigate Riley’s “suicide” — so Mila takes things into her own hands.

When Mila raises Riley from the grave to help solve her own murder, Mila inadvertently raises the other two girls from her school, but they all have lost their memories of before they died. They form a team and work to find out why they all ended up dead, and if it was murder, who did it.

This book is equal parts fun and slightly eerie, and if you like teen detectives with lots of sass, you’ve got to pick up Undead Girl Gang.


Buy the book here!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Links in post are affiliate links whose proceeds go toward the maintenance of this blog.

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