“We Could Be Beautiful” by Swan Huntley

27190202.jpg★☆☆☆☆ — Another classic case of a pretty cover pulling me in, but the contents disappointing me.

I DNF’d at 46%, but here are some of the things that made my eyes roll back in my head.

First of all, William moves in with Catherine after dating/knowing each other for TWO WEEKS. THEN they are ENGAGED IN A MONTH. Like slow down, you crazy person. You don’t even know this dude.

“…when I woke up one morning to find William contemplating my face in silence. It was so sweet.” …just no

William performs oral sex on Catherine, and “in that moment [she] knew he was definitely, definitely the one.” *eye roll* There is another sex-related moment like this, but I won’t even bother quoting it.

“Will you do anything I ask you to do?” […] “Probably,” I said. Does this woman not know about abuse, or controlling men, or self-respect, or red flags?

The next two are kind of spoilery, but it happens within the first 40% of the book, so I think it’ll be okay to put here.

Catherine finds out that her trust fund has been depleted. *More than once* she says “I was going to die.” *eyes roll out of my head*

And lastly, “If, years from now, we sold the house, spent the money, ran out of everything, this would be all we would have: his measly three hundred grand [salary] a year. Are you f*&%ing kidding me right now.

I just couldn’t with this book. So ridiculously bad. The characters were unbelievably unlikable. It seems like this book has gone so far into “omg i’m so rich my life is hard” that it’s come back around to parody.

Just in case you want to try it on despite my warnings, you can purchase the book here.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Clearly this did not affect my opinion.