“You’ll Grow Out of It” by Jessi Klein

186c98c0323fd6c5cf1008b23d0e36ed★★★★☆ — Out tomorrow!

Jessi Klein is most well known for being the head writer on Inside Amy Schumer, but has also written for several other popular comedies (e.g. SNL, The Kroll Show). You’ll Grow Out of It is a memoir of essays from childhood to motherhood that will make you snort.

However, it is also full of good tips and general advice for life. For instance, Klein spends a chapter describing precisely why you should GET THE EPIDURAL. She also tells us about the (not so?) glamorous life of going to the Emmys shortly after having a child.

I (along with pretty much everyone I’m sure) wish there were more tidbits about the shows she has worked on. Surely there are funny things that have happened on at least one of these shows that could apply to the book!

All in all, You’ll Grow Out of It is a funny look at an awkward childhood and how Klein (sort of) grew out of it. I’d recommend this for light reading on vacation or to make you laugh while you’re waiting for your baby to pop out, drugged out on your epidural.

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Thank you to the publisher for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

“American Housewife” by Helen Ellis

★★★☆☆ New Release Tuesday!

25472765Every once in a while, it’s refreshing to read something like American Housewife — it’s got short stories varying in length that are super easy to read. It’s a fast read, full of hilarious scenarios, dark mystery, and interesting observation told from all different types of American Housewives: mothers, authors, homemakers, and more.

My favorites were “Dumpster Diving with the Stars,” in which an author participates in a popular show that’s like American Pickers if it were a celebrity contest show. Another worth noting, “The Fitter,” a dramatic scene with a woman trying to keep her handsome, successful husband from being stolen from her. “Take it from Cats” is a hilarious super short that gives you advice learned from cats, like “If someone moves to make room for you, take up more room,” and “If you’re not interested, don’t look interested,” and “Just because you can fit into something tight doesn’t mean that you belong in it.”

Light, breezy, and funny, American Housewife is definitely worth picking up for those times when you don’t want to think, but want to be entertained.

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Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

“Bream Gives Me Hiccups” by Jesse Eisenberg


New release Tuesday! Thanks to the author and the publisher for a copy of this book to review.

Bream Gives Me HiccupsBream Gives Me Hiccups is a collection of stories written by actor and playwright Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, The Social Network). Filled with stories both long and short, Eisenberg’s book will make you think, cringe, and laugh. In one lengthy story, footnote-laden notes from psycho college freshman Harper Jablonski to her high school guidance counselor detail the challenges of roommates stealing ramen, teachers and whether they sexually assaulted you, and other college maladies.

One story is very specifically named “An Email Exchange with My First Girlfriend, Which at a Certain Point Is Taken Over by My Older Sister, a College Student Studying the Bosnian Genocide,” which sounds like it will be haughty and pretentious (“Ugh, you don’t know about the Bosnian Genocide? How uneducated of you!”), but Eisenberg knows how to make it entertaining and approachable. Other gems include “Restaurant Reviews from a Privileged Nine-Year-Old,” “My Prescription Information Pamphlets as Written by My Father,” and “A Marriage Counselor Tries to Heckle at a Knicks Game.”

Full of funny, often dark humor, Bream Gives Me Hiccups will leave you laughing, then wondering if you should have laughed at that, then saying “Screw it, that’s funny. I don’t care how f**ked up it is.”

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“One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories” by BJ Novak


One More Thing

One More Thing is a collection of short stories, essays, and super short one-sentence stories. They range from funny, to dark, to poignant, but always entertaining. This book comes from BJ Novak, one of the main writers of The Office (US), and it’s very much the same sort of clever, laugh-out-loud humor.

I am nearly always disappointed with fictional “short story” books, but this was the exception to the rule. This book made me laugh in the most unexpected of places. There were little subtleties that made it fun — you could connect some of the stories if you paid attention. Also, having just finished my first watch of The Office, I can see where the show got some of its off-kilter, “who thinks of these things” humor. I’ll most-likely read this again, which I don’t say about most books.

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